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Commonplace Guides are in-depth, actionable handbooks on topics that I normally cover on this site.

While Commonplace typically explores many of these ideas, they tend to be spread out over the publication history of the blog. These guides will present a unified, up-to-date synthesis of all of my thinking and experimentation over time.

I intend for the guides to be updated continually, as new research is uncovered, or when I verify certain ideas through practice.

Most chapters of most guides will be exclusive to members. Sign up for a membership to gain access today.

The Guides

Career Moats

The soup-to-nuts guide to building your career moat. We start from understanding your job market, executing a skills audit, all the way to building and then maintaining a moat.

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What do we actually know about burnout? What does the research say? Is burnout prevention possible?

Coming soon.

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