Thinking Better

The Best Way to Learn From Other People's Experiences

Why bother learning history, when history isn't likely to repeat itself? We take a look at what Cognitive Flexibility Theory tells us about the best way to learn from other people's experiences.

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Take a Simple Idea and Take It Seriously

There's a saying commonly attributed to Charlie Munger that goes 'Take a Simple Idea and Take It Seriously'. Work out all the implications. Seek out all the case studies. Here's a story of two investors who did exactly that.

What I Learnt From Complexity

M. Mitchell Waldrop's book on the Santa Fe Institute is a gateway drug to a powerful if subtle idea. Here's why it matters.

A Narrative About Crypto

Sensemaking is hard. Sensemaking around a possible paradigm shift is even harder. This is about one particular narrative in crypto, as a way of reasoning about narratives in general.

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