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Commentary: The vast global impact of an inevitable Chinese recession

0.5 min

I still don’t really get this argument. The case he’s making seems to be, if China hits a recession, this time it will cause global interest rates to go up, instead…

The Most Misread Poem in America

0.6 min

This was really cool. The key point is that Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’ isn’t about celebrating picking the road less travelled, but about the kind of self-deception we…

The Struggling Artist at 86

0.8 min

I’m reminded of how important it is to market one’s own work. This is a rather melancholic, beautiful story. Plus, this part: Now the Bertschmanns find themselves in a tenuous financial…

28 Sep 2018 · www.nytimes.com

The annoying habits of highly effective people

0.2 min

The main takeaway here is that a) it is easy to confuse correlation with causation. Success in business doesn’t imply success in habits, profit growth and share price performance may…

28 Sep 2018 · www.economist.com

Instagram’s CEO

0.7 min

The key quote is the last paragraph: Controlling one’s own destiny, though, takes more than product or popularity. It takes money, which is to say it takes building a company, working…

26 Sep 2018 · stratechery.com

Why willpower is overrated

0.3 min

In light of the recent revelation that willpower is a lie, the main takeaway here seems to be that self-reported high self-control people don’t naturally push themselves to have higher…

18 Sep 2018 · www.vox.com

Comments on: Definition of Simple

0.2 min

Carl Sassenrath, CTO REBOL Technologies, writes that simple is: Clear abstraction: smart, well-drawn layers of “knowledge focus” that allow hiding of details. Clean expression: meaningful, concise but not cryptic, representation and communication…

17 Sep 2018 · www.rebol.com

Cathy Horyn Travels to Germany to Understand the Unlikely Return of Birkenstocks

0.5 min

That is quite an achievement — and so is knowing what to do with a pure thing in our globalized century. Reichert’s strategy for waking a sleeping giant turned out…

24 Aug 2018 · www.thecut.com

I Can't Remember to Brush My Teeth… But I Can Run a Business

0.5 min

Habits are not one thing, they are three: they are a cue, a routine (the actions), and a reward. Habits are scary powerful: One paper published by a Duke University researcher…

21 Aug 2018 · stackingthebricks.com

Opinion | Happy Children Do Chores

0.6 min

Children who do chores are more likely to feel a larger sense of obligation and connectedness to their parents, builds awareness of the needs of others, and contributes to their…

21 Aug 2018 · www.nytimes.com