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Opinion | Advice I Never Wanted to Give

0.3 min

Adam Cayton-Holland is a comedian and the author of the forthcoming book “Tragedy Plus Time,” from which this essay is adapted. He talks about his sister’s suicide. My main takeaway: I regret…

21 Aug 2018 · www.nytimes.com

Technical Debt of the West

2.8 min

The core thesis here is that Western thinking approaches everything as mechanisms, and the Chinese understand things as organisms. Mechanisms are designed and assembled in just the right way Organisms are messy…

14 Aug 2018 · meltingasphalt.com

Crony Beliefs

3.1 min

Kevin Simler introduces an analogy for why we have bad, irrational beliefs. There are two categories of beliefs: crony and meritocratic. Crony beliefs are beliefs that we adopt for social reasons Meritocratic…

13 Aug 2018 · meltingasphalt.com

STRIKE! Magazine – On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant

0.8 min

This is the stupidest thing I’ve read in a long time. David Graeber sees the rise of ‘administrative, professional, managerial, clerical, sales and service workers jobs’ and calls all of…

12 Aug 2018 · www.strikemag.org

The Soundtrack of Your Life

0.2 min

Muzak has pivoted from soulless background music to ‘audio architecture’ — the music that is played inside stores to define the brand. The shit that they do — creating an…

12 Aug 2018 · www.newyorker.com

Why the Most Important Idea in Behavioral Decision-Making Is a Fallacy

0.9 min

Loss aversion is mostly a fallacy. People don’t value loss more than gains. The body of evidence against loss aversion has been growing steadily, but its continued acceptance is due…

Opinion | Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later.

0.8 min

Get your daughter to practice math. This warrants special focus because: Both girls and boys have the same level of math abilities. But growing up, girls have a consistent advantage in…

8 Aug 2018 · www.nytimes.com

Facebook Wanted Us to Kill This Investigative Tool

0.7 min

Money quote: That’s why a team of lawyers at Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University has sent a letter to Facebook on behalf of Kashmir Hill of Gizmodo Media Group…

7 Aug 2018 · gizmodo.com

How To Be More Productive by Working Less

0.7 min

Nothing new, but useful restatements of old ideas. Two big ideas here are: Not all work is created equal. There’s linear work (e.g. manning the fryer at McDonald’s, or schoolwork) and…

5 Aug 2018 · markmanson.net

Getting Critiqued

0.5 min

Two coping strategies for criticism, as a designer: Remember the Beatles. They might be the best band in the world to you, and the most musically talented and accomplished. But there…

31 Jul 2018 · mrmrs.cc