Cedric Chin

Cedric Chin

I like Python, Go, green tea and cats. I'm responsible for Commoncog, and I write most of the things on Commonplace. You can shoot me an email at <my first name>@<this site>.com.

Do a Job Market Audit

Why it's useful to do an audit of your job market during this recession — even if you already have a career moat.

Practice As The Bar For Truth

The rigour of this entire blog may be captured in a single sentence: use practice as the bar for truth. Here are some implications.

There Is No Normal

You're only able to adapt quickly under uncertainty if you see the world as it is. Here's why it's difficult to do that during a pandemic.

Heuristics Are OK

Psychological heuristics (or mental shortcuts) tend to get a bad rep today. But heuristics are what makes expertise possible. Here's why heuristics aren't as bad as we make them out to be.