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There are plenty of places that talk about what happens in business today. There are fewer places that talk about the expertise of business in a timeless manner. Want to accelerate your business expertise? You've come to the right place.

The Commoncog membership gives you access to members-only content, the full selection of Commoncog guides, a growing case library, and an exclusive forum.

Commoncog’s secret is simple: we focus on what works.

More concretely, we write from your perspective: the perspective of a practitioner who wants to get good in a hurry. Often, that means testing things in practice. Or it means seeking people who are believable, and asking them what it's like to put their ideas to practice.

No fads. No bullshit. Everything tested against reality.

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“Pro tip: if you have a Corp role in Big Tech, a premium subscription in @commoncog will teach you more than any generic business strategy executive education course.” - Vassilis Tziokas, Microsoft

“Your prolific and thought provoking writing has had a major influence on the way I think about business and career. The series on product and design taste really clicked with me, and made me realize that moving back into a product focused role was the best way for me to get the deep satisfaction of solving incredibly difficult problems with novel, elegant solutions.” - Jonathan Horowitz, The Home Depot

“I continue to find Commoncog among the most on point and relevant business material I've come across in my career. I think it's the combination of Cedric's curiosity and rigor that leads him to frame both the conventional and unconventional conclusions and hypotheses he offers in such a clear fashion (at least to my brain and sensibilities).” - Josh Rosen, Bengal Capital

Here's what you'll get:

Full access to members-only content

Commoncog publishes one essay for members every other week. You get full access to this, along with the entire back catalog.

Full access to Commoncog Guides

Commoncog Guides are small, actionable books that are available for sale to non-members. Members get complete access to the latest editions for free.

Access to a growing case library

You'll gain access to a constantly updated library of business cases, designed to accelerate business pattern matching ability. Built according to the principles of cognitive science.

Access to a members-only forum

Discuss essays, cases, and ideas with a growing community of investors and operators.

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