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Will Guidara: Restaurant Smart vs Corporate Smart

How Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park — 2017's best restaurant in the world — learnt the business parts of the restaurant business.

The First Hedge Fund

How A. W. Jones improvised his way to an investment style and structure that has persisted till today.

The Birth of Sony

The story of one of the most remarkable consumer technology companies, founded in the ruins of post-war, bombed out Japan.

The Sony Walkman

The big history of a small device, from a remarkable Japanese company, that happened to have changed the modern world.

Henry Singleton: The Man Who Pioneered Share Buybacks

The contrarian conglomerate king who pioneered the use of share buybacks.

How Charlie Munger designed the Incentives of Munger, Tolles, Olson

The unique way that storied law firm Munger, Tolles, Olson (MTO) allocates firm proceeds to its partners.

The TransDigm Phenomenon

A remarkable — if controversial — company in a weird industry. How TransDigm exploits the aerospace aftermarket to generate excessive returns for its shareholders.

Danaher: Masterful Capital Allocation and Lean Manufacturing, Combined

How Danaher combines Lean manufacturing with masterful capital allocation to build a remarkable manufacturing company in the United States.

The Fall of Steinhardt Partners

The erosion, and then collapse of Michael Steinhardt’s early advantaged position in the hedge fund world.

Katharine Graham at the Helm

Katharine Graham’s remarkable journey from widow to master capital allocator.