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Katharine Graham at the Helm

Katharine Graham’s remarkable journey from widow to master capital allocator.

The Fall of Steinhardt Partners

The erosion, and then collapse of Michael Steinhardt’s early advantaged position in the hedge fund world.

The Story of Signature Plastics

The rise, and then fall, of Signature Plastics, a pioneering custom keycap designer and manufacturer.

Michael Steinhardt: The King of Block Trading

How Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz found a competitive advantage in the early years of hedge funds. An example of competitive advantage in the ridiculously fierce domain of public markets.

How Charlie Munger Made His First Million

How Charlie Munger came back from a major life setback and a terrible first business, to make his first million.

Marvel Studios: The Origin Story

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was created thanks to a brilliant piece of financial manoeuvring.

Bootstrapping to Millions in Singapore's Point of Sale Market

A personal story of bootstrapping success, with a little help from a distorted market.

How Private Equity Killed Payless

What it looks like when an owner has a ton of Capital expertise, but not much on the Operations or Market sides of business expertise.

How Private Equity Killed Toys “R” Us

How a series of leveraged buyouts killed a perfectly decent business.

Data, Knowledge and the Capital Cycle: The Start of Koch Industries's Empire

How Koch Industry’s used W. Edward Deming’s concept of ’knowledge’, some capital expertise, and data to build an empire.

Taking Process Control To The Limit at Koch

How Bernard Paulson turned information into a strategic advantage at Koch Industries, producing its first cash cow.

Dell’s Go Private and Second IPO

How Michael Dell used financial engineering to gain the upper hand against his competitors.

Lee Walker’s Reputation for Dell’s Credit

Michael Dell’s early capital education under Lee Walker, a local titan of business.

Amazon’s Category Expansion - Searching for the Right Incentives

A search for the right set of controllable input metrics at early Amazon, when it was expanding out from selling books.

Björn Wahlroos’s Capital Allocation Hat Trick with Sampo

Part of Capital Expertise is expertise in capital allocation. This is the story of Bjorn Wahlroos, a Finnish master.

Run Charts at Koch Industries

How Koch Industries started improving operations with the simplest of Statistical Process Control techniques: run charts.

Lee Walker and the Dell Growth Plateau

How Lee Walker came up with a creative solution to Dell’s biggest growth plateau — and in the process created a significant competitive advantage.

Turning Ford Around with a Weekly Metrics Meeting

Alan Mullaly’s turnaround plan for the extremely political Ford Motor Company was built around a weekly metrics review meeting. This is how that worked.

Netflix - Becoming a Large Movie Studio

How Netflix's pivot to content may be considered a defensive pursuit of economies of scale.

Customer Service at Early Amazon

Jane Slade and Colleen Byrum's tale of secretive process improvement in 1996-era Amazon.