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Observations on Scale Economies

Observations that the case writers have about the scale economies cases.

Brief Notes on the Idea Maze

Some brief observations on the cases so far. Use this as a starting point, not an authoritative take.

TSMC - Slow Dominance

Behind the scale advantage of the world‘s most important semiconductor manufacturer.

Amazon - From Books to Everything

Why scale is such an important component of Amazon's core strategy, and why it dictates so much of what the company does.

Nike - Living in a Variable Expense World

What happens when something about your market forces you to spend a fixed % of sales on marketing? The result: the scale player has an ongoing advantage.

Koufu - Feeding a Nation

Scale economies in Singapore's coffee shop and food court industry.

Texas Instruments - Inventing Learning Curve Pricing

How Texas Instruments weaponised the learning curve in semiconductor manufacturing, and then pushed it too far.

PayPal - Poisoning the Competition

Sometimes, scale advantages can come from your position in the market, not necessarily from production unit costs.

Netflix - Becoming a Large Movie Studio

How Netflix's pivot to content may be considered a defensive pursuit of economies of scale.

Ford - A Car for Everyone

What it looked like when Henry Ford discovered the fundamental principles of scale economies ... from scratch and through trial and error.