A Framework for Putting Mental Models to Practice

A Framework for Putting Mental Models to Practice is a series of posts that examines the notion of putting 'mental models' to practice in one's life, in the pursuit of learning better decision making.

The ideas presented in this series are a guided tour of rationality research, decision science, applied psychology and classical epistemology. My primary goal when developing this framework was to create a conceptual structure for the personal pursuit of improving decision making and judgment in pursuit of my goals.

It was originally written and published in Farnam Street's Learning Community, and exists as a constructive alternative to the criticisms I levelled in The Mental Model Fallacy.

If you do not have the time nor the inclination to read the entire series, a short summary post is available at The Mental Model FAQ.

  1. Munger's Speech
  2. An Introduction to Rationality
  3. Better Trial and Error
  4. Expert Decision Making
  5. Skill Extraction
  6. A Personal Epistemology of Practice