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Lia DiBello on The Mental Model of Business Expertise

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    This is the first episode of Commonplace Expertise, a new podcast series about the expertise that exists in the heads of the most interesting people around us. I plan to interview guests with the goal of helping you make better business and career decisions in your life.

    Dr Lia DiBello is the CEO, President, and Director of Research of WTRI (Workplace Technology Research Inc), and Senior Scientist at Applied Cognitive Sciences Labs Inc. She is a cognitive scientist as well as a businessperson. In the late 2000s Dr DiBello discovered in an NSF-funded study that all great businesspeople share a common mental model of business, and that mental model can be used for all sorts of interesting things, including the assessment of business expertise, which she did — she was the principal inventor of something called the FutureView Profiler.

    In more recent years, Dr DiBello is more well known for her work on accelerated expertise — she published a book with a few other researchers in 2016 with that very title. She and her team have created something they call the Strategic Rehearsal, and this actually stemmed from her PhD work, where it was called the OpSim. What the Strategic Rehearsal allows WTRI to do is to accelerate the acquisition of business expertise in the businesses that they consult for, and her training interventions have been used in industries as diverse as biotech, pharma, manufacturing, financial services, and others.


    A full transcript is available here: Transcript of Lia Dibello on the Mental Model of Business Expertise.



    Show Notes

    Time Stamps

    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 01:32 Lia’s Story
    • 04:49 The Triad Mental Model of Business
    • 10:38 Transfer of the Triad Between Business Domains
    • 16:18 The FutureView Profiler Explained
    • 20:42 How She Gets Her Clients To Accept Profiler Recommendations
    • 25:21 The Midwest Foundry Story
    • 40:14 Cognitive Agility
    • 47:32 How Great Businesspeople Learn in the Real World
    • 51:08 How This Has Affected Her Practice as a Businessperson
    • 54:42 What Lia is Currently Working On
    • 1:01:10 The Cognitive Science Behind the Strategic Rehearsal
    • 1:09:47 Piaget and Vygotsky’s Theories of Expertise Development
    • 1:17:50 The General Form of the Strategic Rehearsal
    • 1:21:56 Non-Business Applications of the Strategic Rehearsal

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