Learning Techniques

In which we learn to learn better.

The Best Way to Learn From Other People's Experiences

Why bother learning history, when history isn't likely to repeat itself? We take a look at what Cognitive Flexibility Theory tells us about the best way to learn from other people's experiences.

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Believability in Practice

Believability is a criterion for evaluating practical advice, originally articulated by Ray Dalio in his 2017 book Principles. These are some notes from practice.

The Hard Thing About Learning From Experience

Much of life is about learning from experience. Not in class. Not mentorship. Not deliberate practice. And so the question: how do you learn better when it comes to learning from trial and error?

John Cutler’s Product Org Expertise

A few weeks ago, I helped Amplitude head of product education John Cutler extract tacit expertise around diagnosing and improving product organisations. Here's how that went.