Learning Techniques

In which we learn to learn better.

The Problems with Deliberate Practice

Have you ever tried putting deliberate practice to practice? If you have, it's likely that you'll have noticed just how difficult it is to apply deliberate practice principles to your career. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying; here's why.

A Review of BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits

Stanford professor BJ Fogg's course on habit design is practical, free, and a marvel of psych-driven education design. My recommendation: try it for yourself and see.

A Self Help Audit (May—Oct 2018)

An audit of all the self help techniques I've written about in the past six months — and how they've fared as I applied them to my life.

How to Read Self Help

Reading self help is but a form of taking advice. Most of it is bullshit. But here's how to do it.