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Lesley Sim on Skill Acceleration in Ultimate

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    Cedric talks to Lesley Sim about her experience coaching the Singaporean Ultimate Women's World Championship Team in 2020, her approach to skill acceleration, and why a teaching technique designed for dogs and dolphins works just as well on humans!

    Lesley Sim coached the Singaporean Ultimate Women's World Championship team in 2020. We open with an introduction to the sport of Ultimate (sometimes known as frisbee), her experience coaching the women's team in late 2019, and then move on to her remarkable approach to pedagogical development and skill acceleration in the game of Ultimate.

    Along the way, we talk about desirable and undesirable problems in training, playing to play vs playing to win, and how she used a training method originally designed for dolphins and dogs and adapted it to humans — with great success!

    A note: the audio version is more tightly edited than the video version below, and as such is recommended over the video version.



    Show Notes

    Lesley's Twitter —
    Lesley's Personal Site —
    Newsletter Glue —
    Karen Pryor's Book Reading the Animal Mind: Clicker Training and What It Teaches Us About All Animals (on TAG Teach) —
    How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis —, Lesley's Podcast on Building Sticky Newsletters —


    00:00:00 Introduction
    00:03:25 The Sport of Ultimate
    00:10:29 Defining The Metagame for Ultimate
    00:15:14 How Lesley Got Into Ultimate
    00:17:27 Different Styles of Play in Ultimate
    00:20:42 Coaching Singapore's Women's Worlds Team
    00:31:01 Using TAG Teach as a Teaching Tool
    00:37:31 Why Positive Reinforcement
    00:44:16 Failing Forwards as a Training Philosophy
    00:56:27 Desirable and Undersirable Problems
    01:08:37 Drills and Simulations But Nothing In Between
    01:13:23 What Makes for a Good Drill?
    01:16:23 Playing to Play vs Playing to Win
    01:23:07 On Newsletter Glue

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