Technological Windows

General Magic - The Future, Too Early

The first attempt at building the iPhone came two decades too early.

The iPhone Keyboard - Make It or Break It

Building the first iPhone's touchscreen keyboard was a make-it-or-break-it moment for the iPhone. Succeed, and the iPhone was possible. Fail, and the iPhone would've been shelved. This is its story.

The iPod - Apple's Introduction to Consumer Electronics

The iPod marked Apple's first successful (albeit tentative) entry into consumer electronics, and laid the way for future products.

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The Shape of a Technological Window

A look at the structure of the concept, as applied to the cases in this sequence. Read a few cases first before you read this.

Jobs's Second Act at Apple - The Next Big Thing

Steve Jobs had a pretty clear idea of what he needed to do when he returned to Apple. This is a contemporaneous excerpt from an interview, as told to business professor Richard Rumelt.

The Macintosh - Changing The Face of Personal Computing

The now legendary story of the Macintosh shaped many of Jobs’s beliefs about the game he was in.