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Verifying Believability

Believability is a heuristic for practical advice. Here's one surprising way that it can fail.

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Inverting the Cash Strapped Hiring Process

If everyone competent iterates their way to the same kind of hiring process, then you can probably use that process as a smell test when you're evaluating companies.

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Book Summaries

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Accelerated Expertise

Accelerated Expertise is the best book we have on creating accelerated training programs today.

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7 Powers

7 Powers is arguably the best book on business strategy currently available today.

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Working Backwards

Working Backwards is the first book that explains how Amazon really works.

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Range is a mediocre 2019 book by David Epstein that argues for the merits of being a generalist. Read this summary instead of the book, and subscribe to Epstein's newsletter instead.

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What Danny Meyer Did

A look at several concept instantiations embedded in Danny Meyer's 2006 business biography, Setting The Table.

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