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Do a Job Market Audit

Why it's useful to do an audit of your job market during this recession — even if you already have a career moat.

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Practice As The Bar For Truth

The rigour of this entire blog may be captured in a single sentence: use practice as the bar for truth. Here are some implications.

Book Summaries

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What The CEO Wants You To Know

Ram Charan's 2001 book on business principles is probably the best concise introduction to how a business works.

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How to Win in a Winner-Take-All World

Neil Irwin's 2019 book How to Win is a tactical book on career planning in a the face of macro-economic change.

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Obviously Awesome

April Dunford's book on product positioning is awesome, and has some overlap with those of us who are interested in positioning an individual career.

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Peak is a 2016 book from K. Anders Ericsson, the leading authority on deliberate practice. It covers 30 years of research into the field, but ultimately fails as a practical guide to putting it to practice.

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There Is No Normal

You're only able to adapt quickly under uncertainty if you see the world as it is. Here's why it's difficult to do that during a pandemic.

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Heuristics Are OK

Psychological heuristics (or mental shortcuts) tend to get a bad rep today. But heuristics are what makes expertise possible. Here's why heuristics aren't as bad as we make them out to be.