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Contra ‘Passion is Overrated’

Three nuanced takes by three believable people, all of whom argue that ‘follow your passion’ isn't as rubbish as Cal Newport suggests.

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The Consulting Business Model

David Maister's Managing the Professional Service Firm reveals some very fundamental principles about the business of consulting. Once you understand these principles, you can — simply by looking at the shape of the professional firm — predict what your career there is going to look like.

Book Summaries

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How to Win in a Winner-Take-All World

Neil Irwin's 2019 book How to Win is a tactical book on career planning in a the face of macro-economic change.

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Obviously Awesome

April Dunford's book on product positioning is awesome, and has some overlap with those of us who are interested in positioning an individual career.

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Peak is a 2016 book from K. Anders Ericsson, the leading authority on deliberate practice. It covers 30 years of research into the field, but ultimately fails as a practical guide to putting it to practice.

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Creative Selection

Ken Kocienda's book is about how Apple builds software in the time of Steve Jobs. Highly recommended, especially if you're a software engineer.

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A Personal History of the Career Moat

My obsession with building career moats stems from my family's experience with the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Some reflections on job security, then and now.