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So Good They Can't Ignore You

Following your passion is the worst career advice you can get. Cal Newport argues for a more effective alternative.

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A how-to manual for being effective by Ray Dalio, founder of the most successful hedge fund in the world.

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Only the Paranoid Survive

Strategic inflection points can kill businesses and careers. How do you identify them and prepare your careers in reaction to them?

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Average is Over

Machine intelligence and globalisation means some of us will be big winners and others, big losers in the economy of the future.

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Optimise for Usefulness

Optimising for usefulness is my current stab at a core principle that underpins the effective life. A first draft of a life philosophy.

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Dismissively Stubborn

Dismissive stubbornness is the worst kind of stubborn, and the only character trait I can’t tolerate on my team.